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Spreading your knowledge regarding the topics covered by our website can be the greatest addition to our community. We are eager to hear what are your opinions on these subjects as well as implement your understanding into our everyday life. If you are interested in writing blog posts for our website, follow the guidelines below for further instructions and prepare your first post as soon as possible!

Writing Guidelines

If you think that writing personal experiences considering business, career, education, finance and digital marketing copyrighting via blog posts for us is a good idea then don’t hesitate to apply one today.  We are more than looking forward to reading what you might have to say about these topics so without further ado, let us help you get started with a few guidelines in order to meet certain regulations and help you develop your own style.

First of all, bear in mind that all content published on our website must be authentic, never before published and from a unique point of view. Feel free to use an online plagiarism checker to make sure your written content is 100% original.

Show off that unique point of view that you have

Take a closer look if the topic that you try to apply haven’t already been published on our website. Your readers most of all want a never before seen content so don’t hesitate to amaze all of us with something genuine and special.

You should always know who your target audience is. Topics covered here are something that is of interest to every echelon of society, so take into account that what you are about to post must be general and informative above all. Writing in that way promises a nice start for providing a genuine content that will captivate all of us.

The title

The head of your text’s body. Having an on-point title can capture the reader’s eye like anything else. Needless to say that your title must be engaging and informative all together to make someone click and enjoy the whole post.

Keep the title word count between 6 and 8 words.

Strong adjectives, such as astonishing, essential, terrible, and beautiful can magnetize anyone’s attention. Numbers can also be used in the title.

Using questions that will be answered in the article will indicate to the readers that you can teach them something new.

Include keywords in the headline that you will use frequently throughout the text.


Length: Keep the article length between 500 and 600 words. If you feel the need to expand that threshold then you are free to do so but bear in mind that shorter articles are much more appealing to our needs and the general public.

Introduction: Make it powerful and engaging! The first sentence should send a strong message that will echo with the point that you are trying to make and your target audience. Keep it chatty, and ask questions that you will later give answers to. Remember that the start of your text can make a breaking point in readers will to continue reading so the more interesting it is the greater chance that the reader will stay for the whole text. The last sentence of your introduction should convince your readers that they truly will learn something new.

Body: Make your article divided into separate parts. Ideally 3-5, each with a unique heading. This isn’t only more aesthetic but it’s also far more pleasant to read. Each heading needs to be a firm collection of arguments will support the point that you are trying to make. Bulkiness needs to be avoided so separating long paragraphs into smaller ones can relieve you from this problem.

Conclusion: Nothing can send such powerful message like a well wrapped and summarized ending of an article that previously stated informative content. Don’t forget to end your article with a strong conclusion that will resonate throughout readers mind.


You are allowed to add up to 2 in-article links. Just make sure that they are associated with the topic of your article. After we publish your article on our website, feel free to add a link to it on your website or social media.

Remember: Guidelines are not strict rules. They’ll just help you navigate your writing better. And above everything else, just have fun writing!


Before you decide what the topic of your submission might be, please contact us via email and tell us your title and submission date.

When you are done, we need you to either send us an email with your article *.doc format for revision or share a Google Drive link of the file with enabled editing options. State your full name and title in the file name.

Author Contributors

If this is your first time writing for copyrighttermination website, please send us the following so we can present your profile to the readers:

  • Full name or pseudonym.
  • Short biography (3-5 sentences).
  • Include a link to your website and/or social media (optional).
  • Image attachment of your headshot in jpg. format at a minimum size of 600×600 pixels (optional).

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