Successful Email Digital Marketing

Six Tips for a Successful Email Digital Marketing Strategy

In the frenzy of social media, it feels like a valuable tool has fallen into oblivion. Namely, the one that kickstarted it all, the ever-reliable email.

True to our words, email is still a very effective way of reaching out to your target audience and attracting new customers.

In the following lines, we will go over serval things that you need to keep in mind to still successfully email your clients.

Build a Good Mailing List

The first thing you need to do is build a good mailing list. It should be filled with email addresses from people who are genuinely interested in what you are trying to reach.

Therefore you should never buy pre-made mailing lists, as they will more or less not give you anything. Instead, set aside time to plan ways that capture the ones you actually want to reach.

Put a pop-up window on your website and tease with a good discount after they write you an email or write something in a blog post and allow knowing more if they sign up for a mailing list.

You can also create a landing page that’s ready for launch and let those interested sign up to get exclusive bonuses. The right mailing list is a good way that can go a really long way.

Return a Value

People are very picky with what companies they let into their inbox. Think for yourself, how many newsletters have you chosen to subscribe to? That’s right. So you must have a desire to receive your emails, and also prolonged interest once you start sending them out to continue doing so. 

One of the useful tricks is to offer an excellent added value back. You have to see the email addresses as valuable currency because that’s precisely what they are.

Give discounts that raise your customers’ eyebrows, or better yet, share knowledge about a topic related to your business. For example, if you run an online store with outdoor clothing – then think about outdoor activities, beautiful hiking trails, nights under the stars … You name it!

The main thing is that your target group receives some of your emails, just like you get their email addresses. Another idea that may seem somewhat “sellable,” but which we still consider valuable to your customer, is to send mail to those who have left your webshop with something in the shopping cart.

Then you can send out a personal email that says something like, “We just wanted to remind you that this one is still in stock if you still want it.” But don’t do that too often and of course, create an engaging style.

Balance Between Being Professional and Personal

It is rarely harmful to be personal in the mailing. It makes you stand out from the crowd, and at the same time, your mail becomes more enjoyable to read. Post any picture, GIF or a funny quote, but at the same time keep in mind that the content is concrete and concise. 

Your readers should not have to read large amounts of text to arrive at the message in your email. Also, don’t forget to have a clear call to action, so your reader understands the purpose of the email!

Respect the Inbox

This is one of the most essential rules. You have to respect your recipients’ inboxes. If you notice that many do not open the mail or press “unsubscribe” – then you must do something. 

Either you can clear your mailing list and remove those who are probably not interested or start by changing the contents of your mail. Maybe gifts work better than discounts? Or do they want shorter emails? 

One thing you definitely have to keep in mind is not to be obviously merchantable, at least not too often. A rule of thumb is that about 20% should be directed to selling, while 80% should be some other sort of valuable content.

Exclusive Offers

If you are sending out offers – make sure they are as exclusive as possible. They not only need to be outstanding offers but also unique services/products that they won’t find elsewhere. 

Those who receive mail from you in their inbox need to feel special and get something extra good. You can, of course, flag for additional reasonable offers to your other channels, but they should not be able to access them unless they subscribe to the mailing list or receive newsletters.

Now Through the Spam

An increasingly developed spam makes it harder to reach your customers’ inboxes. However, with the right trick and patience, you should see that it works. 

First of all, it is better if you write a personal name as the sender, instead of the company name. Then the email is less likely to end up in the junk mail. Also, customize the subject line and choose something other than the “newsletter of the month.” Instead, write something funny about the subject of the email and preferably something that attracts reading.

You should have a balance between text and images in the email. Too many pictures can make your mail count as spam! Don’t use too many special characters or capital letters.

In Conclusion

At first, it can be difficult, because you do not know exactly how your target audience reacts. Therefore experiment with different types of email, and various sorts of offers. 

You will notice what works as time pass by, that much you don’t have to worry.