Should You Consider Hiring a Digital Marketing Agency?

Digital Marketing Agency
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In the age of the internet, marketing, specifically, digital marketing has become one of the most crucial roles in the success of businesses. The right digital marketing strategy can either make or break a brand which goes to show how important digital marketing actually is. Many businesses are having a tough time gaining the visibility they want and need in order for their brand to become more recognizable and in return gain more loyal customers. 

Whether they own a small local business that just needs social media visibility for example or are planning on global visibility — digital marketing is the key to success to both of them. There are many aspects that come into digital marketing from website development and design to social media, SEO, branding, content and more. 

There are plenty of online articles that explain the basics of digital marketing and how you can improve certain aspects. But if you don’t have the time to do everything by yourself or don’t want to be bothered with freelancers maybe you should consider hiring a digital marketing agency.  

What Does a Digital Marketing Agency Do?

Digital Agency

A greatly organized and highly skilled digital marketing agency is primarily focused on result-based marketing in the digital world. Meaning that they collect valuable data that will in return help clients with brand promotion through all kinds of technology. From mobile apps and podcasts to social media and blogs, the medium of digital marketing is primarily the internet. 

Once a digital marketing agency has collected all the important data they need in order to make a great strategy, they will begin testing to see what tactics work and what doesn’t. That way they will have measurable results they can bring forth to their clients and adjust their strategy accordingly. 

A digital marketing agency usually consists of a highly organized team of strategists, developers, consultants and creatives that work together towards one goal — to improve a certain brand and make them maximally visible on various internet platforms. 

Basically, through all of these different approaches to any brand, the main objective is measurable results that ultimately lead to improving your business

There are several approaches digital marketing agencies use in order to improve and optimize a brand. Some of those tactics include SEO, content marketing, email marketing, social media marketing and so on.

Can You Save by Investing?

Save by Investing

Often times when promoting a brand people worry about investing too much money and time in something that may not bring them desirable results. Those are perfectly normal concerns when it comes to investing a large amount of money into something. 

To answer your question can you save by investing, we will put things into perspective. 

On average, when people hire a digital marketing agency, they invest somewhere between $3,000 and $5,000 a month depending on the service they provide. Now suppose they are going to hire them for some amount of time, which means they are looking at somewhere between $36,000 to $60,000 yearly invest.

On the other hand, hiring just one graphic designer can cost the same amount of money (around $50,000) and there is a question of him understanding the basic rules of marketing and so on. Also, a marketing consultant has an average salary of $70,000 for example. 

A digital marketing agency can for less money bring you the same results, if not better,  because they have a whole team (!) of highly competent people who specialize in different branches of digital marketing. 

Another important focus of a competent digital marketing agency is something called ROI ( return on investment). A good marketing agency is always testing their strategies and developing new ones in order to boost your ROI and its overall success. 

Is an Outer Perspective Valuable For Your Business? 

How many times have you’ve seen a brand fail because they didn’t want to change their old ways of doing things? Take the recent backlash the mega-popular brand Victoria’s Secret is facing. On one hand, we have a brand name that is recognized all over the world and is known by revolutionary fashion shows, gorgeous models with big names and very exclusive lingerie.

In recent years the movement of body positivity has begun questioning Victoria’s Secret choices when it comes to models they choose. Although the body positivity movement doesn’t have anything against thin women (on the contrary) it has all against exclusivity when it comes to other body types. 

That’s why the recent fashion show Savage Fenty by the pop singer Rihanna has been so successful. What Victoria’s Secret did in the ‘90s for the fashion industry, Rihanna did a few days ago. It was revolutionized in the sense of inclusion meaning there were women of all shapes, sizes, ethnicity, religious beliefs and so on. 

Now how does this have anything to do with a digital marketing agency? 

A competent digital marketing agency knows how to identify the current trends amongst people who are in a sense your potential customers. Recognizing what are their needs and what they value in a brand can improve a sense of connection to that brand — which means they will always return to it. 

We don’t doubt that Victoria’s Secret marketing campaign has plenty of innovative people who are highly knowledgeable but if the CEO of that company wants to stick to his old ways, a potential downfall can happen. 

So, yes, an outer perspective by highly trained individuals is absolutely valuable to any kind of business. 

People in Marketing Agencies Are Very Knowledgeable in Many Fields 

Marketing Agencies

People who work in digital marketing agencies usually have vast knowledge and insight into every aspect of marketing, technology, and the human psyche. All of these components make a competent digital marketing agency that can bring you the results you are looking for. 

Only a person who deeply understands all of these aspects can create what is known as the buyer persona. A buyer persona is a semi-fictional character created based on many factors including, age, gender, behavioral patterns and so on. This is just one of many aspects of digital marketing but by creating this semi-fictional character you will know exactly who your target audience is which will in return bring you more customers!

Apart from this, people in marketing agencies are tech-savvy. They know all about the latest technological improvements and how they will affect a web page for example. Not only that but they also know the latest trends in social media and will know how to use those social media platforms in the best possible way. 

A Dedicated Team of People Is Always a Plus

Digital marketing agencies usually have a lot of enthusiastic young people working jobs they genuinely like. They are keen on working, developing their knowledge and competency and want to see the results of their work. They are outside of the box kind of thinkers which absolutely necessary when it comes to improving a brand successfully. 

Thanks to the magical land of the internet, more and more brands are emerging and are gaining visibility, which means that the competition is very thick. In order to be seen and recognized on the internet, a brand needs a very outside the box strategy, and a marketing agency can provide you with that. 

Of course, there is a matter of style and open communication between you and the people you work with. If there is a particular style, message, or theme of your brand, you will need to openly discuss it with your digital marketing team. 

Furthermore, most employees have a great deal of diversity in their education, work experience, lifestyle, background, etc. This is a very positive thing considering that you will have the big picture and the merging of several thought processes. 

Also, when delegated a team from a marketing agency you will get people who are highly specialized and dedicated to managing the improvement of your business. 


One thing’s for sure a digital marketing agency can be a very valuable asset when it comes to developing any kind of business. Whether you are convinced or need to do a little more research on the subject, there is no doubt that the future of marketing lies on the internet. And what better time to act than now?