Madrid Business Opportunities: How To Cash-In The Party Essence of Spain

Spain, Madrid, View of business districts of AZCA and CTBA.
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This legendary city of conquistadors, flamenco dancers, and Spanish royalty is proven to be one of the best tourism getaways Europe has to offer. For a second consecutive year, Madrid has been chosen by Asociación Ibérica de Gestores de Viajes de Negocio (IBTA) as the best destination for business in tourism during 2017.

Madrid offers a great opportunity to lose your mind in some of the most vibrant clubs in Europe and learn about its breathtaking historical heritage. Anyone curious enough to come to visit this European capital will return home full of memories and authentic experiences. Be prepared to fall in love with “True Espana” – a moniker used by local residents to defiantly call their home.

Tourism business trends

Tourism business trends in Madrid are on a continuous rise thanks to a number of prominent companies attending business congresses and setting up international headquarters every day. With modern infrastructure and formidable cultural heritage, the city is an attractive touristic destination and thus one of the favorites for hosting industry events.

The city also offers flexible and versatile meeting rooms to suit professional and clients’ needs – from formal and informal meetings to congress halls and training events. The financial areas of the city are fully equipped with state-of-the-art technological advances and designs to help project a professional image with each business meeting, interview or videoconference.

It is apparent that tourism has a huge role in the Spanish economy, which has increased the need for specialized cadre in this sector. Not only is this the case in the country but it is also occurring on the international level, too. The need for educated and licensed professionals has initiated an opportunity to acquire an acclaimed Master’s degree in Tourism Business Management in Madrid, perfect for launching your career in the tourism sector.

Prolific business: stag do’s


Madrid stag do weekend getaways are a perfect opportunity for a fully-fledged international escapade. As you might have already guessed, this is a final destination for millions of bachelor crews every year. Not only does Madrid win over Barcelona and Valencia in terms of the sheer number of visitors but the city is teeming with possibilities for low budget fun.

Thousands of charming open cafes and cozy pubs can sometimes be just enough for a pleasant visit to the Spanish capital. But, of course, no bachelor party is complete without the chance of partying long into the night and sometimes even for days without pause. Daytime usually starts for most of the bachelor crews with a guided tour to world’s most successful football club, the legendary Real Madrid. It doesn’t matter if you are a fan of this brilliant game, the experience of seeing the architectural masterpiece that is Santiago Bernabéu stadium will be a life-changing event.

From there, you can take the Open Air Bus Tour with unlimited drinks back to the city, which will cost just as much as the regular bus fare but only five times the fun and comfort! You can prolong your excitement with some of the adrenaline-fueled activities such as Bungee Jumping or Cable Skiing. But, if you prefer somewhat less exciting activities there is always a chance for fun with Laser-tag and the hilarious Bubble Football.

There are numerous activities to fill your daytime with laughter and joy but we all know that the real stag do experience happens when the night falls. Surely, its hard to beat Ibiza as the party capital of Spain, but come in the Spanish capital and see with your own eyes the tremendous club scene that made millions of bachelors satisfied.

It is hard to tell where is the epicenter of Madrid’s nightlife since many quarters of the city hide those provocative fun attractions. The nocturnal fauna flourishes in Malasaña as well as Lavapiés, Austria, Castellana, and the Salamanca neighborhoods. From Rap, Jazz and Rock and Roll to Electro-dance events these neighborhoods attract millions of visitors every weekend in hope for unforgettable nighttime.

Anyone who can afford reservations for some of the famous clubs in these quarters has already put his bachelor party on the next level. The provocative style of Madrid’s nightlife will demand somewhat more spending but don’t be discouraged since there is always a place for every wallet size. Be sure to surround yourself with beautiful Spanish girls to light the fire of your bachelor experience and then you will finally understand why so many bachelor crews leave this city pleased.

The home of bullfighting fiesta

Madrid in the Night

Madrid was founded in the 9th century AD after the time of Arabian invasions. According to legend, Madrid was established by Ocno Bianor (son of King Tyrrhenius of Tuscany and Mantua) and was named “Metragirta” or “Mantua Carpetana”. Today’s name of the city comes from the name of a fortress built on the Manzanares River and means “place of abundant water” in Arabic. A wider number of theories have been formulated on possible earlier origins.

In recent years, Madrid was the fourth most-visited city in Europe and the first in Spain (although the city is neck to neck with Barcelona depending on the influx of tourists). With almost seven million visitors each year and numerous undocumented wild guests, this thriving tourist paradise is definitely flourishing as the time goes by. It is also the seat of the World Tourism Organization and the International Tourism Fair – FITUR.  

Madrid is a moderately priced city so it’s not incredibly cheap but it isn’t too bad either for anyone planning to go there on budget travel. Your bachelor crew can expect both luxurious and budget epic stag do getaways in the Spanish capital.

The adventure starts with one drink at a local Madrid cafe…

To tell what is the ideal number of days for you Madrid stag do adventure is really challenging. A weekend-long experience would be the perfect opportunity to get in touch with Madrid’s soul and all of its attractions. For what is worth, even a day in the Spanish capital can be a life-changing experience. Do not hesitate to come to this metropolis of ever smiling people who invented most of the world’s dancing styles, and be prepared to tell the tale of your Madrid stag do adventure for the rest of your life.