Essential Business Tools: The Practical Side of Social Media

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You’d be surprised how many businesses aren’t even aware of the full potential behind social media. Not knowing how to utilize online communication platforms to one’s advantage is the reason why many are quick to label it as useless. Make no mistake, social media is everything but useless! It can be your friend or your enemy – and it all depends on how well you can tell a story.

You’ve probably seen on various news headlines that opening an account on Twitter or creating a LinkedIn profile will surely increase your revenues or chances of finding a job. But the truth is: the less you know about incorporating social platforms into your promotional activities, the less these news are valid. A marketing strategy isn’t something that you implement today and reap the benefits tomorrow. It takes time and vigilance to monitor the causes and effects and respond to those findings accordingly. Social media is the best tool you can get for that monitoring process!

What does social media mean to people?

It is usually associated with something that is redundant or even lame because literally anyone has access to it and can use it to whatever end. In fact, the Internet always had that social component. Tools may be different nowadays but the communication and interaction aspects remain the same ever since humans learned to read and write. So what makes social media so special?

Well, nothing and everything! By nothing, we mean that previously mentioned fact that people have been communicating since time immemorial and social media is just the extension of that age-old dynamic. However, when we say everything, we mean the pace, scale, and cost of communication are drastically improved. In this day and age, sending any type of information is done so rapidly and economically, accessing substantial amounts of data can be done on a whim.

So it all boils down to what you are going to say to people with this efficient technology. That is why individuality, storytelling, and style all play a vital role in discerning pros from amateurs in business. Everyone can tell a story but the real question is: What makes yours stand out from the rest? Knowing this answer is the essence of marketing – and social media abide by that golden rule, hands down.

What is social media good for?

Scunci, an online hair accessories retailer, said that the only reason they had such great success in a business niche that anybody can essentially do, is because they have placed focus on building relationships and establishing trust with fans and customers. Whether you own a big company or like to fly solo, social media serves to show your customers you are not some fink, another business from a long line of identical businesses. It is a cheap, effective, and efficient way to prevent your conversions from damaging loyalty and also to prevent the lack of trust from killing your conversions. Lousy services, nasty businesses, and crappy products are easily exposed on these platforms, leaving space only for those who are true to their craft and intention.

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We’ve probably seen a lot of businesses post content that feels like a one-way street. Social media is all about feedback and knowing how to utilize such platforms for that noble purpose. It will garner you more attention and loyalty than just paying for ads and keeping things introvert. Remember, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Reddit, LinkedIn, and other websites are all tools for listening, not just talking. Even if you do not post a thing on your page but still use the platform to gather information, impressions, reviews, and opinions, it can make you rich.

What is the ROI when it comes to social media?

You won’t be getting money directly from it but, indirectly, it can literally make you or break you. Social media has a completely different value, one which surpasses even your account balance. It is possible to waste hours if you do not have a plan or selected audience you want to address