Ecological Awareness – Be Energy Efficient!

Ecological Energy
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Do not throw trash everywhere around you. Do not pollute the sources of drinking water. Plant a tree once in your lifetime. Spread the awareness to your family and friends… And yes… We have all heard this so many times in the past and for the greatest part of our lives, we have done just the thing. But then, how come that there are so many issues regarding the same topic? If everyone is so ecologically aware then how come we have so many polluted areas in our nature, or just there around the corner of your house? The answer is that we are not aware of the right way to behave to the mother nature and in the future, she won’t forgive us for such misbehaving.

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Our Behavior Has No Justification

It’s easy to consult the window treatment company like to install energy efficient windows and doors for your household to increase the overall energy efficiency and cut your bills. If only our planet could make one phone call and wipe all the eco-problems with a team of professionals during one afternoon.

Implementing the Ecology classes in the school system for the last two decades proved to be unproductive for most of the world. Many of us can conclude that the problem with third-world countries lie in the simple fact that these nations have far worse problems then the pollution of one river or impropriate disposal of trash. And sadly, however energy aware you might be, you will need to agree on that.

The Earth System Governance Project (ESGP) estimates that two-thirds of world counties do not even have a single recycling factory! This must be a shocking discovery if you come from some of the Ecology efficient countries of EU like Sweeden or Germany who recycle nearly all of their municipal waste. Currently, Europe recycles 30% of its plastics, compared to just 9% in the United States, but the majority of plastic waste still winds up in landfills and in the oceans.

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How irresponsible we must be towards the beauty of our nature when the great pacific garbage patch is estimated to be twice the size of a Texas? Yes, you heard me right! It is floating along the Pacific as we speak and the world currents are magnetizing more and more trash into that patch. Try to imagine it next time you think about accidentally through an aluminum can into the plastic section.

So, let us cut it to the chase. Writing a huge transparent that says “Stop trashing our oceans” and protesting with your friends in front of factories won’t solve the environmental problems of our planet.  But there are still things that an individual can implement in his life that will eventually prove to be very beneficial to us all.

The less paper you use, the less paper needs to be produced and the more trees will happily grow in our forests. Always chose a canvas bag alternative to wasteful generic plastic and paper bags! Consider obtaining one compost bin for your backyard. Cut back on your bottled water purchases.

Take a shorter shower in the morning or install a low-flow showerhead or recycle your car and other electronic and mechanical devices that you would otherwise scrap. If only every one of us does these things on daily basis the mother earth would have a much brighter smile and very few things to worry compared to the sad reality that we created for her today. Just remember, go green! And never look back.